Monday, March 3, 2014

A letter from father to son. My father sent me this letter when he was away from me during my recognition as ‘Best student of the year 2009’ from my school (Gelephu Higher Secondary School). I am entering it into my blog because it has got many advices not only for me but it could be a source of inspiration for other readers too.
My dear son Jigme Tshewang,
Words, it is often said is a poor substitute for thought. Here I am, your father in loss of words to express my happiness on your recognition as the ‘Best Student of the year 2009’ from your school. I really do not know from where to begin and where to end. Though, I never had my doubt on your capability. All of us know that you can do it. And you have done it. Therefore, please accept my humble Trashi Delek and my deep sense of appreciation. 
While congratulating you, at the same time let me also express what I personally think as a concerned parent. To me and to you, this is no time for jubilation.  This is the time for you to take stock of what good you have done for the school to deserve such recognition amongst hundreds and what you could have done better.
This recognition no doubt is a feather added to your cap but is no end to your achievement. This should not heighten your ego rather this should humble you. This is the time for you to think seriously how best you can pay back what you have got so far. If necessity is the mother of invention, contentment I strongly believe is the father of laziness. Therefore, you will not feel contented and you will not be satisfied with this recognition. For you have lot more to achieve and achieve better. For us, this is no time for complacency and patting. This is just the beginning of a long march to your life.
This recognition though a privilege but at the same time, I would like you to take this as an extra burden placed upon you. Now you cannot afford to let down your school, to let down the hopes and aspirations of your teachers and friends. You therefore, need to prove better than the best.
You shall not only flower well but also bear the sweet fruit. This is the commitment, this is the dedication that you need to cultivate and nurture. This is the dream that you need to see in your life. The dream that I mean is not the dream that you see while you sleep, but the dream that don’t allow you to sleep. As Robert Frost has said, “You have miles to go before you sleep, miles to go before you sleep”.
Though from a distance, surely my best wishes and prayers are always with you. Hope you will not let me down, let down your school, your teachers and friends for we have so much to expect from you.    

Yours humbled father.                                                          

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