Monday, July 21, 2014

I am back after my 11 days of workshop organised by Bhutan Center for Media and Democracy. I met lots of inspiring people during the 11 day stay at Thimphu and learnt many.

To bring positive change was what we were taught and we tried out best to bring out positive change. Thimphu has indeed become more of like a city but some of it Thimphu still needs attention. While i was walking through the area above so called Kalabazar i saw a colony of houses built with tins and the hygiene is so much compromised there.

What could have been done there to improve their living? Though majority of them work under the city these people lack the sense of cleanliness. They clean the city yet they forget their own home. How ironic is it.

The houses of city workers at Kalabazer.
Why isn't any corporations or company not ready to build houses for these people who cleans our own rubbish and works so hard to keep our nation clean. If people can invest lots of money in playing games and buying stuffs who will be thrown next day i think we should think of these people who live in such makeshift house.

They may have their own stories to tell but i am telling you what i saw. The drains were filled with stools and the toilets were of the old styles (where water is not needed-saving water?).

People there said they earn few thousand a month and it isn't sufficient to run the house as most of it goes for the transportation and school expenditures for the children.

Where is GNH here? Who is Responsible? Not fate for definite.